Futron Aviation conducts research to produce hands-on practical solutions to assist the aviation industry. Through our research, Futron Aviation has produced, or is developing invaluable aviation products to include guidebooks for aviation organizations and aviation professionals. Specific projects Futron Aviation is leading or is a significant subcontractor are:


03-30: Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Airports: A Primer
03-45: Collecting and Sharing of Operational and Safety Data
04-04A: Evaluating the Airport Emergency Response Operations Simulation (AEROS) Tool
04-16: Safety Risk Management for Airports
06-08: Human Factors in Airport Airside Operations
10-22: Improving Stakeholder Engagement in Aircraft Accident Planning
11-02/Task 36: Research Roadmap on Safety Issues



0012: Guidance for Integrating UAS in Airport Security



Collection, Analysis and Interpretation of Data Obtained from Unmanned Aerial Systems for Bridges